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Fall Chicken CSA


How It Works

- CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Our members purchase a share and in return enjoy a certain amount of chicken from our family farm.


- We offer FULL and HALF shares. Full shares will receive one whole chicken with giblets (at least four pounds) every week and half shares will receive a whole chicken with giblets (at least four pounds) every other week during season.


- You choose which pickup location works best for you.


- We will share our favorite recipes and tips for cooking our chicken.


The Benefits

- By joining our CSA you will receive high quality, healthy meat from your local farmer at a discounted price.


- Our chickens are moved daily onto fresh pasture and are supplemented with a NON GMO grain. While being outside, our chickens get to enjoy forage, fresh air, and juicy bugs. All of this makes a better chicken that is better for you.


- Compared to conventionally raised chickens, pasture raised chickens have 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories. Pasture raised chickens have essentially no fat in the breast meat, but have 50% more vitamin A and have significant levels of omega-3s, where conventional chickens have none.


- You have the opportunity to know exactly where your meat comes from, what it was fed, how it was handled and processed while supporting a family farm who cares about their animals.



- The Fall Chicken CSA runs from October 6 - December 28, 2019.


- Members can pickup their shares from The Old Fashioned Farmstead booth at the following locations and times.


- Wednesdays 4pm-7pm: Union Street Farmers Market

- Saturdays 8:30am-12pm: Alachua County Farmers' Market


-Please select your desired pickup location at checkout.

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