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About Us

Howdy! Our names are Jo and Will and we are your farmers at The Old Fashioned Farmstead. We started the Farmstead back in 2016 raising a few birds for ourselves. Over time our batch numbers began to grow as friends and family were eager to support our small family farm & enjoy the superior taste of animals raised humanely and treated with dignity.

Our Practices

We believe in raising animals the way nature intended. All of our birds live outside in the fresh air on grass where they can forage and eat juicy bugs. In return, the birds fertilize our grass allowing us to build healthy soil in our pasture. Our registered Berkshire Pigs live in the forest where they can root around and do the things pigs love to do. They are rotated frequently and grass is seeded behind them as they are moved.


All of our animals are Vaccine & Antibiotic Free. In addition to the grass and natural forage they are supplemented with a High-Quality, Non-GMO, Regional Feed sourced out of South Georgia blended with the precise amount of vitamins and minerals needed to thrive.


In todays world we believe it is of the utmost importance to know what is in the meat we are eating and you can rest assure that nothing is injected into our animals at any time. Here at the Old Fashioned Farmstead we raise our animals the old-fashioned way and we know you will taste the difference!

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