About Us

Howdy! Our names are Jo and Will and we are your farmers at The Old Fashioned Farmstead. We started the "Farmstead" in 2016 raising just a few birds for ourselves. It was important to us to raise healthy birds in a natural environment to provide ourselves with clean, flavorful meat that we felt good eating. Slowly our batch numbers went up as friends and family wanted to support our little business. We love raising birds right and sharing them with our community. We are excited to bring you nutritious food from our farm to your table.

Our Practices

We believe in raising animals the way nature intended. All of our birds live outside in the fresh air on grass where they can forage and eat juicy bugs. In return, the birds fertilize our grass allowing us to build healthy soil in our pasture. We also supplement them with a high quality ORGANIC + NON-GMO grain blended with the right vitamins and minerals they need to thrive. Healthy birds make healthy, delicious meat and you will taste the difference.


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