Chicken Breast (Skinless)

Chicken Breast (Skinless)


Pasture Raised • Organic & Non-GMO Fed • No Antibiotics • Regenerative


Our most popular poultry cut is our boneless, skinless chicken breast. It’s difficult to beat this versatile poultry cut thats perfect for baking, roasting or grilling.


We offer single breast packages in multiple sizes and double breast packages around 1lbs. 

Our chickens are Organic Fed, GMO-Free and Pasture-Raised. There are no hormones or steroids in any of our products.

We take pride in raising our animals the Old-Fashioned way. All of our birds live outside in the fresh air on pasture where they can forage and eat juicy bugs. Healthy animals make healthy, delicious meat and we know you will taste the difference.


X-Small Single Breast: .30-.39 lbs.

Small Single Breast: .40-.50 lbs.

Medium Single Breast: .51-.60 lbs.

Large Single Breast: .61-.70 lbs.

Jumbo Single Breast: .71+ lbs.

Two Pack (2 Breasts): Average 1 lb.